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So it begins, another season of freezing temperatures, snow days, shovelling, and slippery drives. Yuck! I want my flip flops back. But since that isn’t going to happen for a few months (unless the Hubs decides to whisk me away somewhere HOT….) I’ll have to get used to it. In the meantime, I thought I’d pass along a few winter tips to help you and your house survive another dreaded winter.
*Weatherproof your doors and windows. Replace any cracked or broken caulking
*Get an annual furnace, fireplace inspection and chimney cleaning. (if applicable)
*Reverse your ceiling fans to have the warm air pushed downward
*Prevent your pipes from freezing (run water, flush toilets often). Disconnect garden hoses
*Clean out your gutters. Prevent ice dams on your roof by raking the snow off and installing heat cables
*Stock up on items in case of power outages. (You know they’re going to happen). Water, non-perishable food , flashlights, batteries
*Regulate your heat during the day. Set to turn up in the morning, then lower while at work, then up again before you get home for the day)
*Inspect your insulation. Add more if needed.
*Flush your hot water tank. Add an insulating blanket to help conserve energy
*Stock your car with essentials. Shovels. Mitts. Washer fluid. Blanket. Snacks.
*Stock up on Salt and Sand for driveways
*Warm socks and slippers help keep the chill out. As do Hot Toddies ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope all these tips help.
Stay warm friends.

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